Easter Traditions

Happy Easter! As I sit here writing this post, I can't help but think what a perfect day it is. The weather here is GORGEOUS, which is not always a guarantee in Minnesota. I can remember plenty of Easters when there was the threat of snow and it was cold and dreary. However, today the sun is shining and you only need a light jacket to be comfortable outside. That meant my Easter dress was actually weather appropriate! Win! 

My family has many different Easter traditions. First, no matter how old us kids get, we need to decorate Easter eggs. What I think is funny about this Easter is that only my parents, me, and my youngest sister Erin are around. We're missing the two middle kids because they are off on their own adventures. So on Friday, I went to my parents' house and decorated Easter eggs with Erin and her friend. It was just the three of us, two 16-year-olds and an almost 26-year-old, decorating Easter eggs. But those eggs turned out marvelous! Here is one of our favorites (which I have to give credit to Erin for making): 

Love Tina Rose Easter Traditions

The second Easter tradition is arguably the most important in our family: Easter bread. Easter bread is a traditional Italian bread that holds a lot of symbolism for the holiday. It is a DELICIOUS sweet bread, that as I told a coworker the other day, has ZERO CALORIES (ok, so with the gobs of butter and sprinkles, that might not be entirely accurate). Making Easter bread has become somewhat of a competition between the families on my mom's side. You see, making Easter bread is an art. You have to get the bread to rise just right, braid it beautifully, and bake it perfectly. The competition actually started a couple of weeks ago when my uncle made the first batch for my grandma's birthday, but I received an email from my aunt Friday night that the Easter baking had begun. My cousin was trying a new method and was determined to win the competition. I, unfortunately, had to barista when my mom made the Easter bread on Saturday (which I feel is the day it must be done), but it turned out beautifully.

Love Tina Rose Easter Traditions

The third tradition is going to Easter Mass on Sunday morning. My mom actually suggested going to Easter Vigil Saturday night, but if you know anything about me, I hate straying from tradition, so I won that one. I met my family for Mass and then headed to my parents' house to open Easter baskets and eat Easter bread. Now it's the afternoon and I've had a lovely day with family. I went on a walk around the lake with my mom (again, such beautiful weather!) and worked on the blog with assistance from my sister. Erin and I did a photoshoot for the blog and Erin took all of the pictures for me to add to the design. Didn't she do a great job?! My dad has dinner cooking (it's starting to smell delicious) and I have laundry in the washer (might as well multitask!). 

I think the best thing about Easter is tradition. Despite my whole family not being here, I have been able to celebrate the same I have all my life. I might be older and the excitement of the Easter bunny coming isn't quite the same, but the traditions are just growing older with me. What are some of your Easter traditions?

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Love Tina Rose Easter Traditions